Weight Loss |IFIYM and why it never worked


Weight Loss

weightloss tips

What ever happened to the simple cheat meal concept, anyway?

That concept being, that after staying on track eating wise for a specific period of time, we are able to “reward” ourselves with the meal of our choice. Guilt free. Your inner-self thanking you, you revel in high-caloric deliciousness, and your metabolism possibly even getting a little jump start in the process.

  • Studies continue to show this concept works, as well, Intermittent fasting, but more on that another time. 


fad noun

  • an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.


The acronym gone Instafamous, If It Fits In Your Macros, i.e. “Flexible Dieting”, has not gone without it’s controversies – and in my opinion, asked for it.

The logic, however skewed, behind If-it-fits- in-your-macros seems simple enough. Stay within your “macro count” and you can be flexible and eat what you want, on a regular basis.

Yeah, no.

IIFIYM was a flawed concept right out of the gate, and reportedly cooked up by self proclaimed “lazy bodybuilders”. But like everything else irrelevant these days the hashtag went viral.

Look, pizza once in awhile is probably not going to raise much, if any, concern for you. Keep trying to justify eating it on a regular basis because two slices “fits in your macros” will probably lead to some issues. (There are these pesky little things called empty calories.)

  • A calorie is a unit of energy. As we consume calories, what the body cannot burn off, it stores. Start storing calories and, well…

“The only way to get the fat off is to eat less and exercise more”

Jack Lalanne

The man lived to be 96.

Personally, I believe he (Jack) was doing something right. In an effort to be totally transparent, my favorite cheat meal in the world is onion rings dipped in everything from honey mustard to ranch dressing. Usually ranch. However, knowing that a typical serving has anywhere from 15 – 18 grams of fat, in roughly 6-9 rings, do I figure this into my daily count, and eat them whenever I want?


Fried food clogs arteries contributing to a whole host of health problems. All of this leads to the main point at hand here. Eating clean means different things to different people. To the majority of us, it is consuming more fresh, additive and preservetive free foods, that are proven to be good for us. Winner, winner chicken dinner.

weightloss tips

Diets and fads will contine to come and go, however one thing remains the same, we have to watch what we eat, when we eat it, and exercise more. Jack was onpoint with that one. Ovet 50 years ago.

As with starting any new diet or exercise regimen, I recommend first consulting with your physician.

And by all means, buen provecho!


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