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We do not randomly walk around the gym floor going from one exercise to the next. We have a purpose. That said, results take a strategy. Strategy takes planning – which takes effort.

Many exercise programs out there are cookie-cutter, and seem copy and paste. Many are not designed with the person in mind. The SMART training method focuses on a systematic and organized approach.

Tailored to you.

Adamant about not overcomplicating things, I strive to streamline everything I can. Particularly workouts. Time is money. This article is meant to help streamline your efforts for developing a strategy.

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Smart Training


What are your goals. “I’m getting married, and have to get into my dress.” “The doctor told me to lose weight.” I’ve heard just about everything. Whatever your motivations may be, you get a high-five for making fitness a part of your lifestyle.

“I wanna get fit” though, is too vague. Pivot to a clear, and more focused approach. When it comes to making fitness a lifestyle it isn’t enough to just “focus on today.” Think longer out. Much longer.

“Improve overall strength and flexibility”, “Lose 15lbs in 90 days” “Look smokin’ hot by summer,” are all more clear cut, specific goals. “Get my 225lb bench press with no-spotter back in 4 months,” (okay that’s mine) but still, you get it. Be specific.

Keeping an eye on the prize takes laser focus. Know what the prize.

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Let’s talk numbers. “Increase my Squat by…” “Lose 20lbs by…” Innately, I’m a numbers kind of guy – so that is to say, I like numbers. This involves keeping food logs and workout journals. Okay, maybe you can keep everything logged away in the cabeza. If only. I still take an old-school notebook to the gym. People have asked about it.

workout journal ideas

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Technology has allowed us to track literally everything, all the time. So track it. Let’s say for example, your goal is to lose weight. A healthy measure is a pound to two pounds per week. Try to only weigh yourself 2 x per week (Mon. Sat.) then adjust what you are consuming.

josh williams personal trainer

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We’ve all gone down the 1am feed-scrolling-rabbit-hole, and look at some of those influencers with the 425k followers. I wouldn’t know. I’m still trying to build them with the organic approach. So not as many.

Yes, when it comes to our personal fitness, health, and wellness the bar should be set high. Very high. Fitness is a bit different than aiming for that dream job with corner office. Fitness is a lifestyle. Understanding what your capabilities, schedules, and motivations are is equally important. Be realistic.

Yes, your abs can pop. We all have abdominal muscles. Focus on what you have, not what you see on the gram.

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jwilltrain personal training


Appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstance” I use the textbook definition here so that there is no misunderstanding. This is about you, not what somebody else wants, or expects.

That said, relevant also means taking your current health situation into account. Do you have high-blood pressure? What age group do you fall under? Do you have an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph bodytype. I personally dislike the term dad-bod. Don’t have one, never will. This being said, I know what I am capable of, and only push my body but so much.

Always consult your physician before embarking on any training program. Find out what’s going on internally. Know what you’re working with. (This ectomorph has had to work really hard to build muscle – and a lot of white rice)


Setting aside time sounds like a no-brainer. We live busy lives, in a busy world, around lots of busy people.

fitness motivation

If you have time for the feed-scrolling, you’ve got time for pushups. Or a bike ride. Or an hour in the gym.

Make the time.

We construct business plans with time frames, and set office projects with deadlines. Fitness goals are no different. “30 days from now….” “60 days from now…..” 90 days from now…..”.

While fitness is a lifestyle, focusing on short-term time frames helps with the long-term goal.

“Your habits will determine your future”

Josh williams personal trainer

The power of simplicity

The smart training approach is meant to do exactly that – help establish and simplify the process. It does seem as if everything today is made overly complicated. Called the complexity bias, it is the need to overthink the smaller things. Pro tip: Do not overcomplicate the little things.

Take a systematic approach.

Simplify things.

Be S.M.A.R.T.






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