“21’s” | Advanced Training Techniques | JWILLTRAIN

For those needing something new to add to the rolodex of next-level training techniques, "21's" are just for you. "A lot of guys have better genes, but if you work hard and consistently, you can outperform them" - Frank Zane Besides being a three-time Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane was known for his symmetry, and meticulous… Continue reading “21’s” | Advanced Training Techniques | JWILLTRAIN

Are you being SMART at the gym? | JWILLTRAIN

We do not randomly walk around the gym floor going from one exercise to the next. We have a purpose. That said, results take a strategy. Strategy takes planning - which takes effort. Many exercise programs out there are cookie-cutter, and seem copy and paste. Many are not designed with the person in mind. The… Continue reading Are you being SMART at the gym? | JWILLTRAIN

Fitness Success | The New Year | JWILLTRAIN

  Staying Focused | Moving Forward Mind and Body Fitness is a lifestyle. Something a pandemic cannot even stop. And while we all know life does have a way of throwing curve balls, keeping our eye on the fitness prize is something I admit is easier said than done. But it can be done. This… Continue reading Fitness Success | The New Year | JWILLTRAIN

ZOOM Training: Why its awesome (really)

Grab your coffee, or beer, and get comfortable for this is a nice long read. (Longer than normal, anyway.) JWILLTRAIN You have the bandwidth for this Technology here in the 21st century is something we've come to have a real love/hate relationship with. But this isn't a rant about technology. It (technplogy) has allowed me… Continue reading ZOOM Training: Why its awesome (really)