Fitness Success | The New Year | JWILLTRAIN

  Staying Focused | Moving Forward Mind and Body Fitness is a lifestyle. Something a pandemic cannot even stop. And while we all know life does have a way of throwing curve balls, keeping our eye on the fitness prize is something I admit is easier said than done. But it can be done. This… Continue reading Fitness Success | The New Year | JWILLTRAIN

ZOOM Training: Why its awesome (really)

Grab your coffee, or beer, and get comfortable for this is a nice long read. (Longer than normal, anyway.) JWILLTRAIN You have the bandwidth for this Technology here in the 21st century is something we've come to have a real love/hate relationship with. But this isn't a rant about technology. It (technplogy) has allowed me… Continue reading ZOOM Training: Why its awesome (really)

Men’s Health Month | June 2022

First enacted in 1995 by President William Jefferson Clinton, every June is recognized as National Men's Health Awareness Month. Recognize We recognize just about everything here in the United States with a holiday. Always looking for that reason to take off for the day. Who else knew that June was Men's Health Month? This is… Continue reading Men’s Health Month | June 2022

Machines | No, they are not taking over

Completely radical for his time, Jack Lalanne opened one of the nations first gymnasiums in 1936. He is credited with creating the prototype for both the Smith Machine & the Leg Extension. The debate rages on however. Are machines effective and should you use them? The short answer is that not all machines are created… Continue reading Machines | No, they are not taking over