Taking stock | Easy and fresh recipe JWILLCOOK

In the Kitchen SAVEUR ADDING FLAVOR Cooking in the winter takes on a whole different feeling. It's all about comfort & feeling homey. Comfort foods and eating clean might seem like a paradox, but in my kitchen, the rule is the less store-bought and cleaner, the better. Over the years, particularly during the colder months,… Continue reading Taking stock | Easy and fresh recipe JWILLCOOK


In my copy of The American Dietetic Association's Complete Food & Nutrition Guide revised & updated 3rd edition, which sits on a counter next to some other staples, it discusses "Portion Distortion". Don't Get It Twisted It goes on to say, "Today's portions seem to say "Eat until you feel stuffed, not just until your… Continue reading SERVING vs PORTION Pt I

Meal Prepping Ideas | Containment

In the Kitchen "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance" - Charlie Batch MEAL PREP BASICS CONTAINMENT Investing in good storage is a necessity for any successful meal prepper. Today, it's a much easier and more affordable habit to practice. A typical prep is for 3 - 5 days, so understandibly, that's a fair amount of storage.… Continue reading Meal Prepping Ideas | Containment

Summer Staple Meal Prep | JWILLCOOK

Nutrition MEAL PREP IDEAS A cleaner version of a summer classic, this recipe substitutes plain, greek-style yogurt for mayonnaise, not only cutting fat tremendously, but adding more protein per serving. You can do half and half, or cut the mayo out all together. Strained to remove it's whey, greek-style yogurt has a much higher protein… Continue reading Summer Staple Meal Prep | JWILLCOOK