Taking stock | Easy and fresh recipe JWILLCOOK

In the Kitchen SAVEUR ADDING FLAVOR Cooking in the winter takes on a whole different feeling. It's all about comfort & feeling homey. Comfort foods and eating clean might seem like a paradox, but in my kitchen, the rule is the less store-bought and cleaner, the better. Over the years, particularly during the colder months,… Continue reading Taking stock | Easy and fresh recipe JWILLCOOK

Weight Loss |IFIYM and why it never worked

  Weight Loss What ever happened to the simple cheat meal concept, anyway? That concept being, that after staying on track eating wise for a specific period of time, we are able to "reward" ourselves with the meal of our choice. Guilt free. Your inner-self thanking you, you revel in high-caloric deliciousness, and your metabolism… Continue reading Weight Loss |IFIYM and why it never worked

What’s for breakfast? | That’s fast

Nutrition EAT WELL I come from a generation that was taught breakfast the most important meal of the day. In the last few years that theory has come under heavy debate. Multiple studies are arguing skipping breakfast for weight loss, or eating this meal and skipping other meals, is best. My personal theory is that… Continue reading What’s for breakfast? | That’s fast

Superpower lunch | Superfoods

SUPERSTARS The term "superfood" is not a a USDA coined term, however, it is widely recognized in the Fitness & Nutrition industry as foods containing high levels of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants. And such, that they are super good for you. Do a simple google search and you'll soon learn which ones top the list. A… Continue reading Superpower lunch | Superfoods