Are you being SMART at the gym? | JWILLTRAIN

We do not randomly walk around the gym floor going from one exercise to the next. We have a purpose. That said, results take a strategy. Strategy takes planning - which takes effort. Many exercise programs out there are cookie-cutter, and seem copy and paste. Many are not designed with the person in mind. The… Continue reading Are you being SMART at the gym? | JWILLTRAIN

3 Ways to Make Exercise a Priority | And keep it

Mind & Body "I'm just too busy" B.C. Before Cellphones we might have bought that line. But with the advent of modern technology, and this little thing called social media that helps keep us stay "connected," we now see right through that little half-truth. You were busy, alright. We saw you post that pic of… Continue reading 3 Ways to Make Exercise a Priority | And keep it

Quotes To Live By | Fit over 40

"Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It's the best part of the day" - George Allen, Sr. Seems pretty self-explanatory to me. Easy? No. Doable? Absolutely. Contact Email:

Tuesday Tip | Food for thought

Mind & Body "Every flower must grow through dirt" One of my favorites, this is a profound statement about growth, and flourishing into something great despite obstacles. Often times the "dirt" in life can mire us down, clogging our paths. Free your mind When it comes to feeling good, few things beat that feeling after… Continue reading Tuesday Tip | Food for thought