Taking stock | Easy and fresh recipe JWILLCOOK

In the Kitchen SAVEUR ADDING FLAVOR Cooking in the winter takes on a whole different feeling. It's all about comfort & feeling homey. Comfort foods and eating clean might seem like a paradox, but in my kitchen, the rule is the less store-bought and cleaner, the better. Over the years, particularly during the colder months,… Continue reading Taking stock | Easy and fresh recipe JWILLCOOK

You Are What you Eat | Protein | Eating for goals

Exercise alone isn't enough to shed fat, or build muscle. There is an unofficial official rule (yes, another rule to follow in the world) throughout the fitness industry called, "the 80/20 rule." But more on that in a bit. The foods we eat say a lot about who we are. Our cultures, lifestyles, tastes and… Continue reading You Are What you Eat | Protein | Eating for goals

Winner, winner, chicken dinner | Easy and healthy

RECIPES I eat a lot of chicken. No, I will probably never go vegan. I simply enjoy chicken that much. It can get costly, but I like it. So I'll pay. Whenever I need to pull out a never fail, works like a charm, easy meal out of my culinary hat, this is one of… Continue reading Winner, winner, chicken dinner | Easy and healthy

Meal Prepping Ideas | Containment

In the Kitchen "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance" - Charlie Batch MEAL PREP BASICS CONTAINMENT Investing in good storage is a necessity for any successful meal prepper. Today, it's a much easier and more affordable habit to practice. A typical prep is for 3 - 5 days, so understandibly, that's a fair amount of storage.… Continue reading Meal Prepping Ideas | Containment