“21’s” | Advanced Training Techniques | JWILLTRAIN

For those needing something new to add to the rolodex of next-level training techniques, "21's" are just for you. "A lot of guys have better genes, but if you work hard and consistently, you can outperform them" - Frank Zane Besides being a three-time Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane was known for his symmetry, and meticulous… Continue reading “21’s” | Advanced Training Techniques | JWILLTRAIN

Machines | No, they are not taking over

Completely radical for his time, Jack Lalanne opened one of the nations first gymnasiums in 1936. He is credited with creating the prototype for both the Smith Machine & the Leg Extension. The debate rages on however. Are machines effective and should you use them? The short answer is that not all machines are created… Continue reading Machines | No, they are not taking over

Circuit Training | With a limited space | JWILLTRAIN

at home workout ideas

Routines Sometimes we don't always have the benefit of a large gym, full of copious amounts of equipment. (Much of which we don't need) Thats when you get creative, take what you've got, and make it work. You can still burn fat and build muscle. Circuit Training While not as intense as H.I.I.T per se,… Continue reading Circuit Training | With a limited space | JWILLTRAIN


at home workout ideas

Buildings are designed around a core. A central area housing elevator, stairwells, electrical equipment, and other facilities. The integrity of the structure depends on it. Our bodies work much the same way. Our central core is designed to assist and stabilize every motion we perform as well as to protect the organs. Imagine a slinky… Continue reading HARDCORE TO THE CORE pt 1