Weight Loss |IFIYM and why it never worked

  Weight Loss What ever happened to the simple cheat meal concept, anyway? That concept being, that after staying on track eating wise for a specific period of time, we are able to "reward" ourselves with the meal of our choice. Guilt free. Your inner-self thanking you, you revel in high-caloric deliciousness, and your metabolism… Continue reading Weight Loss |IFIYM and why it never worked


In my copy of The American Dietetic Association's Complete Food & Nutrition Guide revised & updated 3rd edition, which sits on a counter next to some other staples, it discusses "Portion Distortion". Don't Get It Twisted It goes on to say, "Today's portions seem to say "Eat until you feel stuffed, not just until your… Continue reading SERVING vs PORTION Pt I

High Intensity Interval Training | Getting started

Fitness Training CARDIO The basic principle in fat-loss is to burn more calories than you are taking in, and Cardiovascular exercise is were it's at. When it comes to some of the ultimate in fat burning, High Intensity Interval Training, or H.I.I.T., is a powerful and proven effective method. Forcing you to dig down deep,… Continue reading High Intensity Interval Training | Getting started